Saturday, October 18, 2008

Boost Your Metabolism

The best way to boost your metabolism is not with an overpriced, full-of-caffeine pill from a bottle. No matter what the magazine ads say, these supplements will not have a lasting effect on your metabolism.
Why is it important to boost your metabolism anyway?
Your metabolism is the rate at which you burn fat and calories. If you don’t do resistance-training exercise, your metabolism decreases with age as you lose muscle.
Oops, I just gave you the secret to boosting metabolism.
In a recent study, researchers divided subjects into three groups. One group changed only their diet, the second group changed their diet and added aerobic exercise, and the third group changed their diet and did resistance training. All three groups lost about 25 pounds.
However, the resistance-training group was the only one that maintained their lean muscle mass and, as a result, lost more fat (since they lost the same amount of weight as the two groups that weren’t able to maintain their lean muscle mass).
Plus, with their metabolism still running high, the resistance-training group had a greater potential for even more fat loss down the road.
So if you want to lose fat, sculpt your body, and boost your metabolism, there is no better way than to add two or three resistance-training workouts to your weekly schedule.

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