Saturday, October 18, 2008

beer brewed bratwurst

1) yellow or white onions. The yellow give more flavor
2) johnsonville beer brewed brats...only johnsonville do not get the generic
3) budweiser beer, not bud light ( diesel fuel only for this recipe)
1) Dump budweiser into large cooking pot.
2) poke holes in the thawed bratwurst the more holes the better.
3) you can either put the brats in the beer, get the beer boiling, cook brats until they are grey and slowly cook them on an open grille flame. Or for more kick or flavor let the brats sit in the beer in the pot for 2-4 hours the do the above steps.
3) add the onions into beer with brats when brats go in beer
4) dump beer once brats on grille, save onions for topper as they are now sauted onions that melt in your mouth...

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