Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Description: Cardbus card and Software that turns your PC into a spectrum analyzer! Covers 900MHz, 2.4GHz, and 5.8GHz ISM bands, and 4.9GHz Public Service Band. Includes a device classification function that actually tells the user what device is creating a given signal!

This device and software was actually designed for users to analyze the RF spectrum for WiFi and RFID networks, but since the ISM bands overlap with our UHF and Microwave allocations, I gave it a try. This little unit is amazing! It gives me virtually all the features of a $20K+ Spec An, for a LOT less $$$. It gives me a Real Time FFT, power vs Freq. and time, as well as a swept spectrogram view of the whole ISM band. This is definitely NOT a toy. It's a real live spectrum analysis tool. The corker is that it actually will classify and identify the signals it is seeing in the band! I got the unit in order to debug an interference issue we were having at our repeater site. When we fired it up we could see the whole spectrum, and it was listing out things like DECT phones, WiFI APs, Video Cameras, Microwave ovens, AND gave us all the details about the devices. It took us no time to track down the interference to a nearby business and get it resolved.I know it's a bit pricey for the average ham, but I justify the cost by using it as part of my daily business too. (Deploying WiFI Networks)..If you're serious about UHF and Microwave activities, installations, and interference. This is the item to have.

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